Cultral Activities

The creativity among us

Sacred Heart School encourages and promotes culture in a vibrant and inclusive manner. Our students are creative and talented in music, theater, dance and visual arts .

Cultural Competion

Students at Sacred Heart School takes part in various culturl competion held throughout the year

Students participates in activities like dance, fancy dress competition, mime act, drama, singing etc. Best performers are awarded with prizes to encourage them. They also earn points for their respective houses.

Music Geniuses

Students play different type of music instruments

Drawing and Paintaing

The Sacred Heart School students are encouraged to take drawing and Painting with all passion

Drawing is a part of Academics. Every class has a subject dedicated to drawing. They learn the basic of drawing in the drawing period. Drawing exams are also heldĀ  twice a year and students are awarded grades based on the performance

During the cultural competition student can take part in Drawing and Painting competition. This competition also hs awards for the top performers


The School Auditorium is the place where all the cultural Activites takes Place

Here, you learn how to grow.

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