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About Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School Rowta is an integral part of Catholic Church Rowta which was established in the year 1977 by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mittathany DD, Archbishop Emeritus of Imphal. The need for a Parish was first strongly felt by the local community in Bajrajhar due to many pastoral difficulties they faced as they were under Catholic Church, Udalguri. The community sent a 5-member representative to Bishop to initiate talk for s separate Parish. It was 3 to 4 rounds of dialogue, Bishop finally declared Rowta as a new Parish in the year 1977 and Fr. Mathew Kunnath was appointed as the first Parish Priest of Catholic Church Rowta.

Bajrajhar community already had a church built by Fr. Guido, the Parish Priest of Tangla. This was the second church of the community which was then served as the Parish Church until the present Church which was built by Fr. Augustine Panamkat. The first Church became the temporary residence of Fr. Mathew Kunnath. The present residence land belonging to Mr. John Kujur was bought by him and the residence was made within two years which stands still.


It is apt to mention about the existence of pre- primary school run by the local community in the Parish campus much before Parish came into existence. People of the community voluntarily offered themselves as teachers. The school continued until 1990 and then it was shifted in the heart of the village.

The first dream if English medium school was seen by Rev. Fr. Jacob Mattathilany, 13 years later since the Parish began. His proposal for a English medium school as readily welcomed by the local community consisting of Adivasis, Bengalis, Bodos, Assamese, Nepalese and others. The need of the community was placed on Bishop’s table by Fr. Jacob for its approval.Rt. Rev. Robert Kerketta SDB, DD, approved the proposal of a school. The land was bought by Fr. Jacob from Mr. John Kujur for the construction of school building and finally Sacred Heart School, Rowta was born on 20 January 1990. For 2 years’ school was conducted in a temporary Assam type of house. Thus Sacred Heart School, Rowta had a humble, smooth and peaceful beginning.


Rev. Fr. Jacob, the pioneer was its first Principal. To assist him in his pastoral as well educational ministries, he invited CMC sisters who landed on this soil in the year 1991. Sister Prasuna was the first Headmistress of SHS. Ever since their arrival, CMC congregation has rendered commendable service to the SHS both in the academic and administrative aspects of school.

In its 25 silver years of journey Sacred Heart School, Rowta privileged to have very capable Principals. Fr. Jacob left the school on 28th of the December 1996 after the arrival of Rev. Fr. Mathew Nellickal on 9th of November 1996. In 1997 Rev. Fr. Mathew Nellickal took charge as the new principal. Rev. Fr. Mathew was so keen on providing the best of education to the students. Lack of teachers, particularly B.sc. teachers did not deter him. He hired B.sc teachers from Kerela. We feel proud today because our own students are serving the school as B.sc teachers. In order to promote all round development of students an auditorium was constructed. He also expanded the school building which serves as Headmistress office. Fr. Mathew served the school till 2003 and had to leave for Mangaldai on 6th April 2003.

The 2nd June 2003 was another important day in the history of SHS as it welcomed the new principal Rev. Fr. Daniel Mardi. With the help of teachers and managing committee, Fr. Daniel continued to work for the well-being of the students. With a view to provide computer education, Fr. Daniel constructed a new block with 4 rooms. He could not start the computer programme in the school as he had to leave for Gohpur as the new Parish Priest.

The departure of Fr. Daniel paved way for the arrival of a new Principal Fr. Mathew Vazhappillil in August 2009. Fr Mathew was instrumental in taking the school a step further. The unfulfilled dream of Fr. Daniel became a reality as Computer Education was made available for students. Under the able guidance of Fr. Mathew the number of students rose rapidly. This bound him to construct another school block with 4 rooms which serves as Nursery and K.G rooms. During his tenure the school produced excellent HSLC result with 100 percentages in three consecutive years. After the departure of Fr. Mathew, Fr Christoraj Lakra was appointed as the new Parish Priest and Headmaster of Rowta on 12th July, 2015. He took charge on 4th of August, 2015.


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